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How To Be A Successful Choreographer

Don’t we all know, that Choreography is the fine art of teaching various dance moves and body movement sequences to budding dance enthusiasts?There are a different variety of prevalent dance forms like classical (Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Manipuri etc), Ballet, Tango, Tap and Jazz. You will have to master any one of these dance forms, in order to become a successful choreographer. You cannot be a choreographer until and unless you are a dancer.

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What Is This Job Like?

  • Dancers are usually dedicated and hard-working people who spend long years, learning a dance form and mastering their skills. Throughout their learning process, they perform as part of a group or maybe solo and are well versed in a particular dance form.
  • Some dancers take training in multiple dance forms, but learning two different forms simultaneously might lead to confusion in the dance steps. So dancers learn each of the dance types at different points of time.
  • A well-trained dancer with more than 6 years of training experience can start working as a choreographer. A choreographer has to create original dance steps and device new interpretations of existing dance types. They work in theatres, reality shows, dance companies and movie studios.
  • Choreographers usually work with untrained dancers, as well as trained professional dancers. Their main work is to focus on innovation in dancing.
  • Choreographers need to be creative, as apart from the dance steps, even the theme for the performances need to be eye-catching and attractive.
  • These days there is plenty of scope in the field of fitness dance choreography. There are innumerable professional Zumba dance choreographers in India, which was quite uncommon in the past.

How Do You Get Ready For Choreography

  • Don’t let the fire of passion for dance, get extinguished. Different dancers have different education and training requirements, but all of them should be formally trained. It’s better to start getting trained at a young age.
  • Every Choreographer begins as an amateur dancer. You can also start a dance school of your own. Teaching dance to your students would help you achieve your first step towards choreography. Let people appreciate you as a teacher/choreographer.

How Much Does This Job Pay

The average salary for a Dance Teacher in India is Rs 244,400 per year. Most people with this job, move on to other positions after 20 years in this field.

Scope In Choreography

In India, dance is a way of life. People love dancing, so they appreciate notable choreographers.

Participating in dance reality shows have made a fortune for many. You can get recognition as a dancer and receive wonderful opportunities. Winning a reality show can also help you become a choreographer on the same show.

As a choreographer, you’ll receive infinite opportunities for choreographing group performances and solo performances for famous troupes performing at various theatres, dance shows, dance dramas, dance festivals etc.

There is wonderful scope in the field of choreography. Sometime’s you might not be an excellent dancer, but your creativity in dance and excellent analyzing abilities might lead to you, being a top-rated choreographer. There is infinite space for creativity and talent, just stay fit, healthy and let your body be flexible. If you have it in you, you’ll surely rise up to great heights and get hired by the best clients. Upload your video resume on the O’hire video resume app to receive opportunities you had always dreamt of.

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