Essential Qualities Required To Be The Best Radio Jockey In Town

This weekend the Suresh Triveni film produced by T-Series and Ellipsis entertainment called ‘Tumhari Sulu’ was released.

Vidya Balan (Sulochana a.k.a. Sulu) essays the role of a night radio jockey in Mumbai.The film stars Manav Kaul as Sulu’s husband, Neha Dhupia as Sulu’s Boss, and renowned RJ, Malishka, as Albeli Anjali.

Vidya Balan playing the role of Sulu, who comes from a very humble, middle-class background fulfills her dreams and breaks down some of the prevailing misconceptions people had about her.

If you are as talented as Sulu and want to pursue a successful career as a radio jockey, then first and foremost you require imbibing the below-mentioned qualities in yourself.


The major criterion required for becoming a radio jockey is ‘Confidence’. Without enough confidence, you can never present your script in front of the people. You would just not have the guts to speak out your banging lines to the audience. A radio jockey should not hesitate, he/she should be fully confident. If a radio jockey himself/herself lacks the confidence, then how would they be able to influence their listeners.

2.Sense Of Humour

A radio jockey should be able to share humourous jokes with the audience. Your jokes should create such an impact on your audience that they remain entertained. The style of speaking should not be boring in any way.

3.Good Voice

You should have a sweet or a baritone voice that can leave a deep impact on the listeners. Learn to adapt your voice according to the situation. You must be able to modulate your voice in order to grab the attention of the users/listeners.

4.Command Over The Language

A radio jockey is required to speak all through their working hours. To be a good radio jockey, you should be perfect with your words and for that, you must have an excellent command over the language that you are required to speak in. Most importantly, you shouldn’t hurt anybody’s sentiments or feelings with the words that you use.

5.Presence Of Mind

Sometimes, you might require speaking something totally different from what you had planned. A Radio Jockey cannot always be sticking to the script. At times when you are interviewing someone, or talking to a special guest, this person can start talking about something that you had not planned to ask, so you should be smart and creative while doing radio shows.

6.Create A Bond

Make your audience, listeners and guests feel special. Nobody would be interested in listening to a stranger. So you should be warm and friendly to everyone. Speak in the same way, that you talk to your friends and relatives. People should feel comfortable and happy in your presence.

Our Sulochana or Sulu played by the effervescent Vidya Balan had all the above-mentioned qualities in her. In fact, any good Radio jockey needs to have these traits in him/her to be successful. RJ Naved, RJ Raunac, RJ Malishka etc have become such well known Radio Jockey’s because they possess these qualities.

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