The 6 New Fitness Trends You Need To Know About In 2018

Gearing up for an active and healthy life? Here we have the biggest trends to look out for in 2018.

The most sensational and trending topic at present is fitness and health and the number of people joining the fitness band will increase 10 times more in 2018. The growth in the number of fitness freaks can be either assigned to the growing awareness on social media or the rising number of fitness trainers with their new-fangled fitness concepts. A whole new level of revolution is taking place in the fitness world and staying fit is no more a fad, but a necessity.

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Check Out The Trends Below

1. High-Intensity Interval Training

These days most of us lead a fast life and have no time to bother about our fitness. So all of you busy people out there can take into the high-intensity interval training. HIIT is just a matter of around 30 minutes and will leave you feeling like you’ve just conquered a mountain – fatigued, panting and sore in all the right places. Even, the ‘Afterburn’ or post-exercise oxygen consumption, where your metabolism spikes for up to 36 hours post-workout and you burn more calories doing nothing is an advantage of HIIT. Awesome, isn’t it?

2. Fitness Smartwatches

These days smartwatches have started taking over the market. These watches are well-equipped with a host of functions that track everything you know about your workout, including duration, heart rate, calories burnt, speed, distance and route. They also come instilled with features like automatic activity detection, step, swim, and sleep tracking, music player, smartphone notifications and digital payment services. Samsung Gear Sports Smartwatch, Apple Watch 3, and Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch are some of the best watches available in the market. With such amazing, all-rounded watches being sold like hotcakes, who needs to carry a cell-phone?

3. Bodyweight Training

These are no-equipment workouts and help a lot. All kinds of squats, push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, burpees etc come under body-weight training. These involve your body-weight and are highly in demand because they can be done anywhere-everywhere and require very little space. They usually target the bigger muscles.

Muscles help you burn calories, so when you work up on the major ones, like the core, quadriceps and glutes, you’ll increase your overall calorie burn.

4. Yoga

Yoga is one of those multi-faceted activities which stands out from all other forms of work-out. It deals with not just the body, but also with the mind and the soul. It will leave you feeling calm and grounded. Breathing exercises and Meditation are a part of yoga and will surely slow down your thoughts and heart rate while promoting mindfulness and gratitude. The mind-blowing fitness secret called ‘Yoga’ gets reinvented year after year: Hatha yoga, Power yoga, Iyengar yoga, Yin yoga etc are a few variations.

5. Core Training

The core muscles usually get activated to the maximum extent. Core refers to the muscles around your trunk and pelvis area- the abs, chest, back etc. Without proper strength in those areas, your stability will be affected. That’s why including the core area exercises in your daily fitness regime, leads to the overall flexibility and fitness.

6.   Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes are gaining more popularity, day by day. Group fitness classes include more than five students, hence these classes are less intimidating for newcomers than personal training, where there is one-to-one attention from the instructor. Working out in a group with certain other people makes you more motivated. When you see others around you, forcing themselves to their extreme limits and trying hard to stay fit, you get influenced and start working as hard as them.

These are some of the fitness trends which are very much in vogue and are gaining more and more popularity along with passing time. Following these easy and simple trends would surely take care of your overall health and fitness and you’ll be able to deal with your day to day life with more enthusiasm. If you are a gym instructor, or a yoga and meditation trainer, you can upload a short video on the O’hire video resume app and get hired by enthusiastic clients.

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