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5 Secrets Every Aspiring Web Developer Should Know

Many of you must have had jobs which you didn’t enjoy, but you had to work because you needed the money. Such jobs leave us exhausted, drained out and frustrated.On the other hand, you must have also had jobs based on your personal passions like video games, music, writing or dancing.

Nowadays there is always a scope for you to improve your skills, learn new things and accomplish new goals. You can always end up taking your career towards a brand new direction.

Its never too late to give wings to your dreams. Web development is quite an interesting profession and to build a successful career in Web-development, you should keep in mind the 5 below mentioned Steps.

1 Have a Well-Defined Goal

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If you want to become a Web-Developer, then your goal should be to become a web developer right now, at the very present moment. Never think about delaying anything for the future.

Focus on your goal. Let your goal live, breathe and bloom. Make it grow larger than life. Don’t just play with the idea of changing your career. Be smart, work hard for your goal and the best career opportunities will follow on their own.

2  Learn to Code from the Best Teacher

Learning to code is not an easy thing, It can be the hardest thing in the world, especially if you don’t have the right teacher. Sometimes, it costs sweat, blood and tears to write the proper coding.

The right teacher can make the learning process easier and as a student, you’ll surely end up enjoying it.

While learning you can learn along with an entire group of tutors, mentors and peers, or fellow students. Proper support will surely help you get out of an unlikely situation.

3 Carry Out Proper Research

Take a stand on your own. Be proactive in the troubleshooting and problem-solving processes. Using the wide range of knowledge and experiences documented in the various blogs and forums will help you a lot. Let Google be your best friend. It will help you and redirect you to websites like stackoverflow and quora. You can learn plenty of stuff from Google, which will finally aid your career to grow in a positive direction.

4 Web Developers Should Know how to Copy

We all know that copying is to be the last option, as plagiarism is strictly banned, but did you know? That, for web developers it is sometimes really good to follow common design patterns on the web, snatching up bits of code in order to make your own hamburger menus, parallax effects, transitions, widgets, and more.Codes are not some kind of magic formula to stand in awe of, They are always available to you at any moment of time.

In your current browser, right click and click on the Inspect option in the pop-up to view the code.

Pretty Cool! Right?? It’s already available and you can copy it anytime, but the problem is this, that a successful Web-developer, never copies blindly. He/She tries to understand, what the code is about. Some not so good developers, make the mistake of copying, without giving it a second thought.

The ‘’ website, will help you practice the coding that you’ve learnt. You would not even require to download any software.

5 Present your Work

You can have the best qualifications and certificates but, if you’re not able to showcase your finest work, then it will be really hard for you to get hired by recruiters in the industry. Recruiters would want to go through your portfolio, they usually desire to have a look at links to websites that you’ve coded. Until and unless they go through your code, check how you’ve typed it, whether you are organised, neat and clean, or a complete mess, they cannot be sure of your abilities.

One of the best websites for showing your code is the GitHub website.

Experience plays an important factor in the process of becoming a successful web-developer. Remain patient and work hard towards improving yourself. Prepare an attractive and presentable portfolio, express your skills through an appealing video resume and upload it on the O’hire Video Resume App to get hired on a single swipe.

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